Every Story Must Be Told
Vivere hodie, cras historiam.
I have walked this earth since long ago, taking every detail in, and documenting the lives of those whom are now long gone, and long forgotten. One thing is for sure, though; I do not forget them. They live on whether in ink and hardcover bindings, or within my own mind.

((This is an independant roleplaying blog for Ghost, an OC of mine. Any feedback you have for my characters / my RPing is greatly appreciated! Thanks, lovies! ♡ ))


…I need new clothes.

-staring at his four shirts and two pairs of pants-

Really, now? 

I have some old clothes you could wear, if you’re okay with hand-me-downs, doll.

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Delicious cakes, cookies, dessert & other sweet food | http://cake-stuff.tumblr.com/

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Delicious cakes, cookies, dessert & other sweet food | http://cake-stuff.tumblr.com/

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"Are you wearing my clothes…?"

"I’m… sorry?"

Ghost couldn’t help but raise a currently blonde eyebrow at the stranger beside him. He stopped half way down the isle; the twins fussing a little and sitting side by side in the shopping cart. To calm them down a bit, he gave them one of his hands to pull and play with.

With the other hand, he idly fixed his sunglasses as he looked the man over. 

"I think you’re mistaken, sir."

a questionaire for role players
  • how long have you role played for: About five years. 
  • your first rp genre: Mostly slice of life/romantic stuff. 
  • first character’s name: Katherine and Rhiannon (They were both developed around the same time)
  • first character’s face claim: They never had any.
  • first character’s species: Kat- Weird Human-Nation hybrid?? (Yeah, I know slay me) Rhian- Nation
  • last character’s name: Vincent Augello
  • last character’s face claim: Alex Minsky
  • last character’s species: Human
  • do you prefer tumblr or forums: Tumblr
  • have you roleplayed with someone you know irl: Yeah!
  • what is your favourite genre of rp: Drama/Romance and general “Let’s Do Another Random AU” stuff.
  • what is your least favourite genre of rp: I find historical Rping a bit bland, unless it’s done really well. (Does RPing as real people/celebrities count? Because I really hate that ugh)
  • if you could change one thing about the rp community, what would it be: That people would stop causing so much drama between muns. Let’s be honest; we’re all a bunch of real people who spend our time virtual-acting and nerding out own fictional characters. Do you really have to start arguing about someone else about something so trivial? Even if it is about something non-rp related, keep it out of everyone’s dash. 
  • how long has a plot lasted for you: The longest? I think we once had a straight rp going on for about two months straight in my old rp group.
  • are you open for plotting:  Hell yeah I am. 
  • do you have any restrictions when it comes to plots:  No romance, extreme injuries, or plot changes unless we’ve already talked about it OOC.
  • what fc are you craving to play as of late: You have no idea how badly I need a faceclaim for Ghost. Anything/Anyone who looks like him would be a blessing to me, really.
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Reblog if you want a bunch of “have you evers” and “would you rathers” in your ask box right now.
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Which ever month you were born in, will determine the type of anime you would live in.


January = Hentai

Febuary = Yuri

March = Sports

April = Horror

May = Supernatural

June = Harem

July = Yaoi

August = Sci-fi

September = Shoujo

October = Ecchi

November = Slice of life

December = Musical

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Send me stupid puns related to my muse.
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X-Men AU: the-dread-pirate-bluetail



"Wouldn’t that be something?” A small, almost bitter chuckle came out of Ghost at the thought of such a thing. What a world that would be, with mutants and humans being able to function in unity. Sure, humans can sometimes be kind to their kind-  he had experienced before first hand, although only a few times- but more often than not, people just weren’t that… accepting.

The grey teen listened intently and idly turned the inky orb in a circle as they walked. “Yeah, those kids tend to be a bit… destructive. You’d be surprised how many super-urchins roam the shadows back in Queens. Most of them were either kicked out young or ran away, so they tend to use their powers- as underdeveloped as they are- to get food and money.” Ghost faintly recalled the few months he spent in the exact same situation, but he quickly dismissed them. 

He grinned right back to the blue man and flexed the hand that the ball hovered above. Quickly, he threw the ball to the ground; causing the orb to explode and release a large amount of a familiar violet aura, almost like a smoke bomb. The strange eos surrounded Ghost’s body, and allowed him to rise up into the air. He flew ahead of Kurt by a few feet, then turned to face him; visually excited to show off his powers in a friendly atmosphere.

"Pretty cool, huh?"

Kurt shrugged and smiled, undeterred. “I think it could happen.”

Ach, I am familiar with it.” He didn’t look to enthusiastic about what those poor people had to go through. A good many of them, though, had accepted the offer to come to Xavier’s, but others slipped through the cracks. The X-Men didn’t find every one of them, and therefore, couldn’t offer anything. “It is a sad thing, indeed.”

At Ghost’s demonstration, Kurt’s eyes widened and a grin spread across his face. “Wundervoll! That is incredible, mein Freund! I think, were I to have any ability besides my own, I would wish to fly. How fast can you go?”

Ghost shrugged, giving Kurt a simple “Unfortunate, but very real.” It was all too real to him. Not eating for days and sleeping on the cold concrete was unfortunately still fresh and prominent in his memory. Truth be told, though; his nomadic life outside of the city was no better than in.

"It is, isn’t it? Better than walkin’, that’s for sure." He chuckled. At this, he couldn’t help it but to grin right along with this new acquaintance. "I’m sure you’d like it. It’s just hard to get used to." Ghost tumbled and showed off a bit in place; the translucent violet aura still covering his body completely, but leaving a comet-like trail with each movement.

"That’s… kind of a good question." He paused in his amateur aerobatics, still bobbing up and down like a buoy at sea. "I mean, I’ve used it to fly off when I needed a quick get away, but I’ve never really tested my speed." Ghost’s face contorted into that of a baffled child as he sat (floated?) in thought. "I dunno, really."

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Delicious cakes, cookies, desserts & other sweet food @ http://cake-stuff.tumblr.com/

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Send a color and my muse will tell you the first thing it reminds them of.
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I Swear This Is An RP Blog: A Musical 

Featuring such hits as

  • Maybe I’ll RP Today and its reprise No Wait Nevermind
  • What Was The Plot of This RP Again?
  • Fuck My Partner Deleted Their Blog

And the ever classic

  • I’m a Lazy Bastard

Starring everyone’s favourite 

  •  Nobody’s replied and its reprise Fuck everyone’s replied
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(( Hey, guys!

Just curious; would anyone like a starter/want to plot or something? ))



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